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5/12/2016: Great educational piece about what makes Vegan Vine different from the rest. published by

11/10/2015: Great article featuring John Salley and his partnership with The Vegan Vine Wines, published by Fine Wine & Good Spirits Taste Magazine!

4/16/2015: Vegan Vine and Vegan Trade Council have partnered to help raise money for the Vegan Community!

3/27/2015: Center for Nutrition Studies interviews John Salley about his journey to veganism and how he partnered with Vegan Vine Wines.

12/13/2013: Thank you to The Little Foxes for including Vegan Vine in your Holiday Gift Guide!

12/11/2013: Add More Zing! has a Girls Weekend featuring Vegan Vine wine!

12/11/2013: Add More Zing! interviews John Salley, and tastes Vegan Vine. Check out their awesome review!

12/4/2013: JL Goes Vegan enjoys a glass of Vegan Vine Cabernet Sauvignon during Thanksgiving cooking.

12/1/2013: JL Goes Vegan served Vegan Vine at thier 1 Yeah in Colorado party.

12/1/2013: Vegan Vine is now available at in Pennsylvania at select PLCB stores.

11/29/2013: Thank you to the The Healthy Voyager for the kind words about Vegan Vine.

11/21/2013: Thanks VeganSaurus for the shout out and getting the conversation started about vegan holiday food and wine pairings!

10/21/2013: The Thinking Vegan interviews Cheryl Durzy about Vegan Vine!

10/16/2013: Vegan Vine wine highlighted at the Butterflies’ 35th Veganniversary celebration!

10/14/2013: Sharon Discorfano talks about the importance of vegan wine, and reviews the Vegan Vine!

10/13/2013: Local 10 News covers Vegan Vine dinner at Sublime Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale!

10/10/2013: Vegan Crunk review and loved Vegan Vine Wines!

9/28/13: Winemaker Jason Robideaux speaks about Common Non-Vegan Ingredients in Wine at World Veg Fest.

9/20/2013: Cheryl Murphy Durzy’s interview on Marilu Show about Vegan Vine. (Sept. 20th : Hour 3)

9/12/2013: Vegetarian Times includes Vegan Vine “The 100 Best Foodie Award” in the 2013 issue.

8/22/2013: Zel’s Vegan NutGourmet covers the Follow Your Heart event, featuring Vegan Vine Wines.

8/22/2013: Vegan Vine Wine and Cheese event. A huge hit and some great vegan cheese pairings!

8/13/2013: John Salley cooks a vegan meal paired with Vegan Vine Wines on the Kris Jenner Talk Show.

8/1/2013: John Salley talks about Vegan Vine Wines during his interview with Adam Carolla.

7/3/2013: MN Blog features the 100 guest attended “Mercy for Animals” event that took place on June 22nd in New York.

7/1/2013: SuperVegan covers the high profile guest list that attended the “Mercy for Animals” event

6/29/2013: The MFA Blog dives into the background and honorees of the “Mercy for Animals” events held in both NY and CA.

6/5/2013: Duo Dishes paired a vegan meal with each one of the Vegan Vine Wines, including a Spicy Coconut Butternut Squash Soup paired with the Vegan Chardonnay. A fan favorite.

5/31/2013: LA Weekly features an article of vegan recipes paired with Vegan Vine Wines.

5/29/2013: The Los Angeles Times highlights how Vegan Vine Wines will be pour to pair with a vegan meal at the ‘” event.

5/29/2013: HomeTownLife learns what makes The Vegan Vine different.

5/29/2013: The Jazzy Vegetarian interviews Cheryl Durzy about Vegan Vine Wines and being certified sustainable.

5/29/2013: John Salley interviewed on Pix 11 News about Vegan Vine wine, and how veganism keeps people strong and healthy. Interview picked up by VegNews.

5/25/2013: Our Hen House reviews “The Vegan Vine” on their podcast and feel in love with the Vegan Vine Chardonnay.

5/21/2013: Cheryl Durzy is interviewed by Atlanta Radio about The Vegan Vine, how it came about, what makes wine vegan and how to order.

5/20/2013: After pairing Vegan Vine Wines with food and sharing the wine with friends, it is official that gives the Vegan Vines Wines a glowing recommendation.

5/20/2013: Wines and Vines asks, “Is Making Vegan Wine Difficult?”

5/18/2013: John Salley is interviewed about his transition to vegan-ism and the use of animal products in the wine making process on Our Hen House.

5/8/2013: Wine Business unveils the benefits of being a Vegan Vine Wine Club Member.

5/4/2013: Vegan Vine Wines is ideal for planning a vegan wedding says “Rose Pedals; Vegan Weddings – borrowed, blue and vegan too!”

4/25/2013: John Salley, also known as “The Spider” was quoted in Wine Spectator saying; “your food and wine comsumption shouldn’t have to harm anything else.”

4/22/2013: Click on Detroit Morning Show welcomes John Salley as their guest, promoting a vegan lifestyle and Vegan Vine wines.

4/22/2013: John Salley is a guest on Fox News Detroit and promotes eating vegan and Vegan Vine Wine.

4/16/2013: Lizz delicious interviews winemaker, Jason Robideaux about what it takes to create a vegan wine.

3/6/2013: A Dash of Compassion explains why not all wine are vegan.

2/28/2013: Robin Shereeves from Mother Nature Network is surprised that not all wines are vegan and impressed with the quality of the Vegan Vine Sauvignon Blanc.

11/19/2012: John Salley’s dedication to consuming all things Vegan doesn’t stop with food, he promotes Vegan Vine wine and educates the world that not all wine is Vegan in the “Bull in a Tofu Shop” article.

10/19/2012: 4 Vegan Vine Wine varietals, NBA Champ, John Salley as a Brand partner and produced by a certified sustainable winery, Clos LaChance; “Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come.”

9/18/2012:  The Daily Sip by Bottlentoes recommends pairing The Vegan Vine Sauvignon Blanc with a Hawaiian Veggie Burger topped with soy Swiss cheese.

9/1/2012: James Salley discusses Vegan Vine Wines in the “What People Drink” column in Mutineer Magazine

6/14/2012: John “The Spider” Salley’s Bug-Friendly Vegan Wines – Wine Spectator

5/22/2012: John Salley Invests in Vegan Wine Company

5/21/2012: John Salley: Vegan Wine Brand Ambassador

12/22/2011: Vegan Cuts is excited that all of the Vegan Vine varietals are 100% animal free.

9/16/2011: One Green Planet interviews The Vegan Vine about the wines, winery and vegan winemaking.

9/16/2011: The Enforced Arch shares some beautiful pictures of our event in NYC.

9/16/2011: Super Vegan likes the wines and the food at our Candle 79 dinner. And check out the amazing illustrations!

9/15/2011: The Discerning Brute joins us for an amazing Vegan dinner at Candle 79 in NYC.

9/2011: The Vegan Vine was served as part of NYC’s Fashion’s Night Out.

9/7/2011: The NextGen Wine Competition awards three medals to The Vegan Vine: Red Blend (Silver), Cabernet Sauvignon (Bronze), Sauvignon Blanc (Bronze)

8/27/2011: YumSugar picks The Vegan Vine Cabernet Sauvignon as one of the top 5 wines of the week.

8/8/2011: Ellen Kanner at The Huffington Post  prepares a fabulous “Meatless Monday” recipe with The Vegan Vine Cabernet Sauvignon.

8/7/2011: Leslie Loves Veggies enjoys all three of The Vegan Vine wines.

7/26/2011: Eco-Vegan Gal loves The Vegan Vine and looks great in her eco-curls.

7/25/2011: Your Daily Vegan thinks The Vegan Vine is a “fine wine indeed.” Some great recipe ideas too!

7/25/2011: publishes a review of The Vegan Vine Cabernet Sauvignon. “Made entirely without animal products, this softer style  red wine is distinguished by moderate tannins and a smooth finish.”

7/13/2011: Los Angeles International Wine Competition awarded Vegan Vine Cabernet a silver medal.

7/12/2011: Fashion, Food & Etiquette:  Animal product free wines.

7/12/2011: VegNewsleter pairs The Vegan Vine  with recipies.

7/12/2011: Vegan Wine Tumblr Vegan Vine expanding to Southern California

6/23/2011: VegNews hangs with us at the Patxi’s Vegan Pizza Fest

6/21/2011:  Veganista looking forward to a review!

6/20/2011: The Passionate Foodie looks closer at the Vegan lifestyle

6/16/2011: VegNews staff’s choice was the Vegan Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

6/16/2011: Vegan Kitchen TV covers vegan wine and pizza at Patxi’s Vegan Pizza Fest

6/10/2011: EatDahPlant Mention finds vegan wines.

6/7/2011: Vegan Wine Google Groups discusses vegan wines.

3/28/2011: This Dish is Veg

2/28/2011: Freshvino offers Vegan wine pairing recipes.

2/16/2011: CN Wine News,  AP release

2/14/2011: Wines and Vines Magazine: Winery Targets Vegan Drinkers

The Vegan Vine Wines are grown and produced by Clos LaChance Winery, a family-owned operation located in the Northern Central Coast of California. Clos LaChance is proud to be Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrower’s Alliance. Certification for the winery and 150 acres of Estate vineyards was obtained in 2010.

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